How to install webcamd in FreeBSD 8.0 or later

I see that some people have problems installing webcamd. I like to help so I have written here how I have done it. Get the latest port tarballs for v4l_compat, libv4l, pwcview and webcamd. Also get the cuse4bsd source. Just follow the instructions in this howto to do so.

Download latest v4l_compat port at

tar xvzf v4l_compat.tar.gz
cd v4l_compat
sudo make install

Download latest libv4l port at

tar xvzf libv4l.tar.gz
cd libv4l
sudo make install

Download latest pwcview port at

tar xvzf pwcview.tar.gz
cd pwcview
sudo make install

Get cuse4bsd from svn and install it.

You can now use the cuse4bsd-kmod port instead if you want.

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn checkout svn://
cd cuse4bsd
sudo make all install

Install the port instead.

Download latest cuse4bsd-kmod port at

tar xvzf cuse4bsd-kmod.tar.gz
cd cuse4bsd-kmod
sudo make install

Download latest webcamd port at

tar xvzf webcamd.tar.gz
cd webcamd
sudo make install

restart devd

sudo /etc/rc.d/devd restart

Load cuse4bsd

sudo kldload cuse4bsd

Plugin your webcam and find out the ugen it is using.


If it is ugen4.2

webcamd -d ugen4.2 -i 0 -v 0

If it is ugen2.2

webcamd -d ugen2.2 -i 0 -v 0

change permission of the video device

sudo chmod 666 /dev/video

Or you can add to:




add path 'video*' mode 0666

Test if it is working


I hope this helps.

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